January 23, 2018 Miscellaneous

Monetha’s Co-founders are listed on Forbes 30 Under 30!

We are proud to announce that Monetha’s co-founders — Justas Pikelis and Laurynas Jokubaitis were selected for Forbes Europe 30 Under 30 Finance and Big Money lists!

Monetha started back in January 2017 and the idea of it, being a Decentralised Trust and Reputation System combined with a payment solution is certainly intriguing to the world of commerce and beyond. But, having ideas are not enough. Many months of hard work, planning, self-funding MVP (Minimum Viable Product), making partnerships and bringing superstar team of industry professionals took place, leading up to the ICO in August, from which Monetha gathered 37 million dollars in 18 minutes.

But, that isn’t the full picture.

Justas and Laurynas have been experts of the enterprise since several years ago, and about a year ago they came up with the idea to build a product which solves trust and reputation issues in e-commerce together with an integrated payment solution. In the process, they became aware of the blockchain technology as a tool which can help to solve trust issues. Bringing their combined knowledge and years of experience in e-commerce and finance, Justas, Laurynas and Andrej Ruckij created Monetha.

Congratulations from all of the Monetha’s Team!

Justas with Mike Federle (CEO of Forbes Media)

Laurynas’ quote after being selected on the Forbes list:

“Excited to be among the people that strives to make an impact around the world in their respected fields. Being included into the Forbes 30 Under 30 list (representing finance and fintech) together with other Monetha co-founder Justas Pikelis gives tremendous amount of joy, but at the same time even bigger sense of responsibility to deliver on our vision. Big big thanks to Andrej Ruckij who is a third founder of Monetha and couldn’t make it into the list as he is over 30. He deserves to be there even more than us two. And lastly, thanks to the amazing Monetha team! They all deserve to be on the list for the passion and hard work they put in everyday. We only represent them there!”

For more details and full Forbes 30 Under 30 list, visit here.