August 28, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha’s ICO in review | #ICOWeekInReview 010

Quick Version

0:10 – Three Founders created Monetha
0:39 – Project is self-funded by the founders
1:05 – Gathered a superstar team, including Kellogg N. Fairbank, Eric Duprat
2:25 – Monetha is featured on many media outlets
2:43 – Big Thanks to the community
3:09 – Partnership with the biggest online retailer in Baltic States – Pigu Group


Hello Monetha followers, fans and potential investors, this is Monetha’s ICO in Review.

So, as you probably, Monetha started nine months ago, where three founders thought about payment processing idea on the Ethereum Blockchain. And then, we’ve created The Decentralized Trust and Reputation System. Thought about how that could work with smart contracts and that’s how Monetha was born.

Through those nine months, there was a lot of things done from Software Development to Marketing to ICO campaign, but we wanted to give you a review on what has been done in those nine months.

So, up until now, the project was self-funded by the founders, capital of 200K euros was allocated to ICO campaign and most importantly – software development.

We have released an MVP, which is an integration for e-commerce merchants of Magento, WooCommerce and custom built e-commerce stores. For the merchants to accept Ether payments with the basic Decentralized Trust and Reputation System.

And in those nine months, we have collected a superstar team, which is an international team, consisting of people from Netherlands, United States, France, Belarus. This is a very important, as we believe the fundamentals of the company consists of a strong team and the likes of Kellogg N. Fairbank, Eric Duprat, Jean-Marc Seigneur, Sean Harper, Nik Rokop, James Downton, Alex Bazhanau, these people are the pillars of Monetha and we believe that not everybody can understand technology, not everybody can understand, for example, marketing, but everybody understands human capital, that’s why we believe the only way to succeed is to collect a superstar team, which we did in nine months. After ICO, we’re planning to scale it even more.

So, we did collect this team, with self-funding of 200K euros, to prove our potential investors, what we can do with a lot of funding, after the ICO.

So, the same goes for the product, we have shown that we did an MVP version, which is already adopted by the merchants and also we have signed deals, which I’m going to talk a little bit later of. To prove that after the ICO, our software development is going to be even more powerful.

In addition to that, we’ve got a lot of attention from crypto media. Including, MarketWatch, CoinTelegraph,, Blockchain News, The Blockchain, BitConnect, BTC Coin, CryptoCoinNews, TheNewWeb and many more. This is very important for Monetha, to spread the word of our technology.

Also, we would like to say, a “Big Thanks” for our community, really unexpected attraction that we’ve got in social media platforms, like Slack – 5000 users, Telegram – 1500 users, Facebook – 4000 users, Twitter – 2500 users. Really thankful to you, and all of those influencers who made reviews of Monetha, unbias and objective reviews, we really want to thank you for your attention.

So, all of this progress was recognized by our partners, the biggest announcement, the biggest partner that we have yet, before the ICO, again, with the funding that we have, is attention from Pigu Group, which is an online retailer, the largest online retailer in the Baltic States and as a matter of fact, they will be one of the largest online retailers to accept Ether payments, so this is also big for Ethereum.

So, this is a very broad explanation on what we have done in our ICO campaign. If you want to get more in detail about that, I recommend you watching our weekly, Week in Review video blogs, there are nine more episodes of that, there we cover specifically our progress.

So, if you want to invest, the only thing that you have to do right now is go to, press on a big button, which is called, “Join Crowdsale” and you will see all the necessary instructions to invest in our ICO, which is going to happen on the 31st of August, 3 PM London time, 2 PM GMT.

So, wish you the best luck in our ICO and see you next week. Bye-Bye.