May 28, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha’s Software Development Office Tour | #WeekInReview049

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0:40 – Interview with Monetha’s Intern | Amanda (blog)
1:03 – Monetha’s Software Development Office Tour


Hi, Monetha friends, I hope you’re doing well, this is Monetha’s Week In Review number 49.

This week’s episode is a special one, because I’m going to give you an exclusive tour around Monetha’s Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania, where most of our engineers work from. But before that, let me remind you that we’re continuing the education of our community about two subjects – Importance of Trust and Reputation and Blockchain Technology. That’s why we pushed a lot of content both internally and externally about these two subjects, in addition to that, we also published an interview with a Monethian, this time, our Singaporean intern – Amanda. And, if you know our story, you definitely realize that Southeast Asia is a very important market to us, that’s why Amanda’s insights about her nation is very valuable. And now, as promised I’m going to show you around Monetha’s Office.

(Tour of the Monetha’s Software Development Office)

Here we are at the entrance of Monetha’s Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s in the centre of the city and today I want to give you a tour of our facilities.

Let’s go!

We have to go to the third floor, where all of our employees are present. So, once you reach the third floor, you have to get your access key to get to Monetha’s Office.

Once you open this big big door, you are in Monetha’s Software Development Office, one thing that i have to tell you before showing our tour is that this is the project ‘in progress’. We have already broke down some walls, in order to make this space bigger, but now it’s a 450 square meter capacity space, which capacitates almost 50 people at once. So, as mentioned, were still making a lot of reconstruction here, so it’s still in progress, so this is a “before” video and we’re going to make you also an “after” video of this Monetha’s Office tour. Let’s get on to it and see what happens here now.

The first thing that you see coming up here is the reception, where our office manager works, so she welcomes people who are coming in, into Monetha’s Office, most of the time is the interviewee of Monetha potential employee.

So, the next space right here is going to be one of our meeting rooms, right now, as you see, it’s a little bit of a storage room.

Next door, we have another meeting room, which is a little bit smaller, but still we are going to host here a little bit smaller team meeting rooms.

A little bit here to the left, we have our bar in which we have redbull cans, of course as every developer, every employee has to have some energy to work here for the long hours. The coffee machine, actually serves the same purpose. Some fruit, some snacks for the employees.

And, here we can see the big areas, where we are going to put a lot of the employees at. This is a little bit smaller area, since we don’t have any furniture here, you can hear a big big echo, but this is being developed right now. Talking about development, this is going to be the biggest developer floor of the whole office, this is actually very big, it would take me a lot of steps to really cover the whole floor, as you can see, some of the construction work, some of the accumulation of furniture is happening. This is where we’re going to have a glass door, in which we’re going to have Bitcoin’s white paper actually printed on the glass. We wanted to have Ethereum’s, but Ethereum’s doesn’t really fit here in terms of the size of the glass, so we decided to go with the inception, with the genesis, with Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper.

So, this is what I call the “soft floor”, in which we have a part of the product team, a part of the customer support team, as you can see, our recruiter Monika is here, Juste is here, Amanda, Vyga, our co-founder Laurynas, our eccentric long-haired designer Erikas, also say “Hi!” to the community. And I want to talk with Laurynas, since he was a lot of in favor for breaking down a lot of the walls to make this floor more open, so, how many walls did we break down in this floor?

Laurynas: As I remember, it was like four or five, as it was an old building with a lot of small spaces, so we wanted to make an open space for people to work together, so that’s why we needed to remove a lot of walls here.

Justas: Yeah, the philosophy is for the teams to be in sync all the time and to communicate, so we want to thank Laurynas for this initiative.

Moving on, we have kind of an area of the office, the smaller one. We have my table and the idea behind these kind of lifting tables, standing tables, is that you can actually stand or sit whenever you feel comfortable with. Of course, you have a chessboard here, which makes a little bit of a down time. Some of the books, some of the accreditations for the conferences that I spoke at, signed by Tim Draper to Monetha.

This is an interesting map in which areas did Monetha participate in talks or opened up offices, or went to business meetings, so we have everything from Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Switzerland, London, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Tokyo, Singapore and soon to be many others. Let’s move on to the developer floor.

The area that we try to be as silent as possible is the developer floor. They like to be focused, they have to be very zoned in of what they’re doing, so I’m just going to show you around, not talk too much about what happens here.

As you can see, we have some merchandise here, a lot of our employees are using Apple production, shout out to Binance which sent us this sweet hoodie, I think they send it for Christmas. And the last part of the inside of the office is the kitchen. There is actually even a bathroom here, a shower cabin, but no one uses that as of this moment and here we have two of the powerful brothers, our CTO and Slava.

So, the last thing that I want to show you is something that’s going to be very useful at the Summer time, let me just show you the terrace.

I want to thank you for being our guest here at, still not finished Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania. We will show you around once fully furnished, once it has all the doors and many more employees.

I want to thank you for your attention, I will see you very soon, somewhere in Monetha’s community. Bye-Bye!