July 5, 2018 Interviews

My story behind recruitment and why Monetha feels like the best place to be

Until very recently I never really gave much thought about my philosophy behind recruitment. Most of the time I was simply doing my job as well and efficiently as I could. At the same time, I was very focused on people, trying to develop strong relationships with them. As a result, I have always strived to create a safe and comfortable environment and make our conversations friendly and honest.

I have built my professional experience using the trial and error method. Not deliberately, of course, it’s just how things turned out to be: I follow my gut and never play by the book. Naturally, many mistakes were made. But all of them taught me valuable lessons, and today I feel confident about my way of doing things.

I believe that a job change is a big decision. That’s why I feel huge responsibility whenever I approach a new candidate. To me it’s never a number, never an indicator–it’s always the person with his or her hopes and wishes that I care about.

When I first entered the recruitment world, I read many articles about it, not to mention my preparation for the first face-to-face interview. My mission was to be a friend and a partner, not a person who asks many purposeless questions and knows all the right answers.

My first real job as a recruiter was at an international IT recruitment agency. It feels like it was yesterday. I was so inexperienced, and the only thing I was certain about was my LinkedIn password. To this day I’m not sure how I passed that interview. I knew something about IT, programming languages and tools, front-end and back-end, but to have this knowledge and begin searching for the right candidates is like… You get the point.

I started by sourcing and doing phone screenings for IT support positions. In other words, I was participating in a cold calling marathon. Me, a poor junior recruiter, with a stack of applications and only a phone at hand. That was something to experience.

I did the job well and was assigned to find candidates for more advanced positions, such as Software Engineer, Data Analyst, and QA. It was then that all the fun started. I learned so many things and I will never forget the experience. I worked there for more than a year and then decided to join one of the best-known IT companies in Lithuania as an in-house recruiter. I had always wanted to know my client company from the inside, to learn about its culture and be a part of it.

During my second face-to-face with recruitment, I eventually found what had been missing. I could finally get a feel of a company’s culture, its processes, and have an impact on how it should hire people. This experience helped me to understand how important it is to be a brand ambassador and to always do my best. However, I also realised that I could do and learn even more, and this realisation led me to join Monetha.

To be honest, at first it was scary. This small but powerful team, which I saw doing all kinds of amazing things, will they trust me to help them? Do they understand what good recruitment is? Will they be willing to take part in the recruitment process, make good and swift decisions? I had so many questions begging for answers. But it wasn’t long until it all became clear to me, and then I felt a very strong belief in the product and the company’s mission. For me, it was a game changer. I was overwhelmed by my new team, this group of very skilled and professional individuals, changing the world since 2017.

That was what inspired me to finally explore my position and role at the company on a deeper level. From being always focused on people, I set my sights on recruitment as a phenomenon, ways to bring the RIGHT candidates into our growing team.

I have been working at Monetha for a quarter of a year now. During my time here I have grown to appreciate and embrace the company’s philosophy, especially the following three values:

QUALITY. It was clear from the beginning that we would be looking for the right candidates for as long as we needed to find them. No exceptions. We want to build a strong and professional team, so no matter what, we will do it. We are not just focusing on skills and years of experience. As I like to say, “Hire for attitude, train for skill.” For us, attitude is as important as other skills because if you have a passion for learning, we have a great team to teach you other necessary things.

TRANSPARENCY. I really like the sound of this word. I think we can all agree that knowing everyone’s role, responsibilities, and having one clear goal is a virtue. For me, as an employee, it’s very important to have a clear vision of what we are all doing and know that it’s done with full responsibility and transparency. Knowing that helps me to be honest with candidates, and I think they can feel it.

And finally, my favorite, MORE WE THAN ME. This is a message for real team players. Those who have experience in working with a passionate team will know that when everyone’s goals are aligned, it does not only motivate you but propel you forwards.

By reading this you might think that it’s what all recruiters would say, but in reality it’s not. Most just count the numbers of interviews, proposed and placed candidates, but do they think any deeper? I have my doubts about it. Thus, my personal mission today is to become a trusted partner in our recruitment process, and I want this trust to be mutual. Read this as my manifesto to honest recruitment where the candidate matters and the company has respect for everyone.

I want all future candidates to understand that joining Monetha will be a huge step in their careers. Yes, many IT companies work with exciting technologies and can boast of great working environments; but not all of them have a team of true believers behind them and are still looking for more.

Written by Monethian – Monika