January 22, 2019 Development

Moving the brand forward

Monetha is changing its design to signify a new stage in the company’s development.

A new year has always been a time for change, for new opportunities. A time for renewal. All this while, Monetha has been steadily evolving. The company that met 2018 differed greatly from the one that left the year behind. Yet visually we remained the same. To better represent the company’s values and direction, we are updating our design language. At its center is the new Monetha logo.


The new logo is the result of meticulous effort. It comprises four separate elements which are nevertheless connected by the overarching shape of the letter M. This reflects Monetha’s Decentralized Reputation Framework, the underlying technology behind all of our products. The framework stands at the heart of everything we do: both in its technical role and the idea it exemplifies – to make online interactions safer and more trustworthy.

The aspect of trust is further accentuated by the color pallette. Our previous visual identity was based on gradients; we have decided to do away with them. Instead, the new design revolves around the complementing duo of modern azure and trustworthy navy blue. Green remains part of the visual identity, but its role has shifted – from now on it functions as a vibrant accent.

The logo’s shape, both the symbol and wordmark, was aligned and formed from a symmetric-angled grid to precisely incorporate design units and fulfill the composition of horizontal and vertical flow.

Overall, we wanted to convey a simpler and cleaner look. At the same time, the visual language keeps the modernity, boldness and flexibility of the brand. It negotiates the tension between ever-changing technology and the stability of trust. And most of all, it sets our direction going into the future.

The changes will start rolling out from tomorrow. (01.23)


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