March 5, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

MTH Club/Identify a good ICO/More details about the First Product Release | #WeekInReview037

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0:07Monetha Contributors Club
0:47Interview with Monethian, Software Developer – Martynas
0:57“How to identify a good ICO?” educational video
1:19 – More details about Monetha’s First Product Release


Hello Monetha’s friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 37.

Last week, we’ve opened up Monetha’s Contributors Club, so if you have participated in Monetha’s ICO on the 31st of August, you have an opportunity to get great gifts from Monetha, like:

Monetha’s Signed Postcard;
A Personal Hangouts with the Founders;
Monetha’s T-shirt; Monetha’s Hoodie;
A book about Trust and Reputation;
A brand new Series 3 Apple Watch.

To check for which items you’re eligible for go to our Contributors Club, the link is in the description below. So, we had an influx of hundreds of ICO contributors, but we are still waiting for you.

Here we go to content, as regularly and as traditionally, we released an interview with Monethian, this time our employee, Software Developer – Martynas Adomaitis.
The second piece of content that we’ve released is an educational video about how to identify a good ICO. And there are multiple videos like that, but this one is a little bit different because we have gone through an ICO, we have empirical experience and we know how to identify a good one.
Check those out in our blog.

As of today, there are only 26 calendar days left until our product release. This is going to be a Beta release, which is going to be accessed only by our token holders. So, we will give you a chance to prove that you have Monetha tokens and then whitelist you in giving an opportunity for you to be the first ones to test our product, to test our mobile app both on IOS and Android devices. So, this is a very important period of time for Monetha, again, we mentioned why we don’t serve so much on the marketing side but we are super focused on the product side. Once the product is ready, you’re going to see more activities from the marketing side as of now, the whole team is super focused and prioritizing the product release on the 31st of March.

We will release more news on how to get the early access of the Monetha app, so stay tuned and I will see you next week in Monetha’s Week In Review.

See you very soon and bye-bye.