December 28, 2017 Development

MVP Development Update Is Coming On The 19th Of January

Hello, Monetha’s followers!

Last Monday on the traditional “Week In Review” video series, our Chief Technology Officer Andrej Ruckij has proudly announced that Monetha is taking one step further to its product delivery on the 31st of March by releasing Minimal Viable Product update before the 19th of January.

Monetha’s MVP is an efficient ETH payment processor with the first version of the DTRS (Decentralised Trust and Reputation System). This payment gateway is integrated with WooCommerce, Magento e-commerce platforms and can be also used in custom built e-commerce stores with a “Buy Now” button functionality.

Our MVP is an essential payments part of our full product which is set to be released on the 31st of March as a mobile application for commerce deal formalisation and reputation building via DTRS.

The 19th of January update will include:

— Enhancing the security of the “Buy Now” button and the security of e-commerce platforms integration.
— Improving the flow of Deal and Reputation processing.
— Establishing first version of the Merchants profile.
— Bug fixes and minor changes to improve the overall product quality and experience.

Don’t forget, that we do have a bug bounty campaign for identifying vulnerability bugs:

More updates before the launch will be posted on our communication channels.

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