January 22, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

MVP Update/Buying MTH Tokens/Business Meetings | #WeekInReview031

Quick Version

0:09 – Brief overview of the MVP Update
0:43 – Blog post interview with QA Engineer – Liudas
1:09 – Blog post on how to buy MTH Tokens
1:32 – Business meetings and event in London and a business trip to Singapore


Hope you’re doing well Monetha followers, we’re glad to welcome you to Monetha’s Week in Review number 31.

Last week at Monetha’s Office, it was all about the First Product Milestone, which was reached on the 19th of January, which means last Friday we deployed the updates of our product. Our CTO Andrej Ruckij is speaking about this in the video that we have uploaded on Friday and he speaks about the details, what has been updated in terms of the user flow, in terms of the security and in terms of the merchant’s profile. So, if you want to hear in detail, what has been changed, what has been updated, please check out the video in the description below.

So, when it comes to our Software Engineers, we keep them very close, as it is a core part of our team. So, one of the main engineers that we have is Liudas Jankauskas, he is our QA Engineer and we wanted to talk with him about his experience in his profession and his experience in Monetha, that’s why we have interviewed him and uploaded that in our blog internally and in Medium.

So, from the content side, one of the main questions we receive since the ICO is how to acquire our utility MTH Token. For this matter, we released a new blog in which we talk about what are the certain steps to acquire the MTH Token. So, if you’re interested in that, please check out our internal blog and also, Medium blog.

Next week, the Monetha’s team is going to have a lot of traveling, as part of the team is traveling to London, to have important business meetings and to attend a very interesting event of which we’re going to talk about next week. Another part of the team is traveling to Singapore for almost a full month to scout that area, because, as mentioned in the white paper, Southeast Asia is a very important territory to us, because it is expected to have an exponential growth of e-commerce and Monetha wants to be a part of it by bringing Trust and Reputation to Southeast Asia. So, if you’re living in the surrounded areas, don’t be afraid to say “Hi”, we will be able to meet our followers.

So, that is it for the last seven days, we’re super happy that we took a big step forward in terms of our Software Development and when it comes to the Week in Review, don’t forget that we’re spending the next few weeks in Singapore, so most likely, Week in Review is going to be filmed from there.

So, as always, thank you so much for your attention and see you very soon! Bye-Bye!