December 19, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

New Blogs/New Video Series/Team Member Interview | WeekInReview026

Quick Version

0:08 Quarter in Review and Public Letter to Token Holders blog posts
0:58New Educational Video Series is released
1:31 – Conversation with Head of Customer Support and Insights, Juste


Hello, Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review number 26.

In the last week, we were very active on blog, we have released a text version of our Quarter in Review, which tells about the last 90 days and what is the progress made by Monetha, so for those who are more of text lovers, not video lovers, please do view that on our blog. In addition to that we also sent out an open letter to our token holders, in which we’re talking about the philosophy of Monetha, what is the vision in the next few months and actually, even further, what is the long term philosophy. And that we’re focused not on the price of the token, we are focusing on the performance of the company, as we believe that this is a fundamental strength of Monetha.

Yesterday, we have released a new video series, in which we’re talking about the things that are important to Monetha’s business and the things of our expertise, like cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mobile payments and trust and reputation. And actually, the first topic, that we’ve selected was “Trust issues in e-commerce for buyers”. So, in this video series we’re going to exploit more of problems that are happening in those domains and how Monetha is solving that. We’re planning to do this every week, so follow these educational videos.

(Conversation with the Head of Customer Support and Insights, Juste)

Justas: I’m really excited to introduce a new team member to Monetha’s community, her name is Juste and she is the Head of Customer Support and Insights. So, Juste, say hello to our community and please tell them more about your background and how did you came to work for Monetha.

Juste: So, hello, how did I come here? So, I knew Laurynas and Andrej, who are two of the three co-founders of Monetha, because we used to work in another startup before, so yeah, I did the very similar thing in that startup, so I guess, they liked working with me and invited me here.

Justas: Yeah?

Juste: Yeah, and also, before that I was actively involved in the TEDxVilnius community and Vilnius Mini Maker Faire, so yeah, me and my colleague, we’ve founded TEDxVilnius six, almost seven years ago and we built a huge, enthusiastic TEDx community in Lithuania.

Justas: Wow, so, all of your professional background really lies in managing the community and having that in mind, what are your ideas and experiences, since your working here already for several weeks, what are your ideas about Monetha’s community?

Juste: Yeah, well, I read a lot of conversations on Telegram, a lot of e-mails and honestly, I’m quite positively surprised by Monetha community, because I see them not as, you know, users, but I see them as ambassadors of our company, of our brand. And I think it’s a privilege to have a community where they actually read everything that you send to them, they watch every video, they are super involved and want to share the information that you give them and I think it’s a privilege to have this. Yeah, so I looked at the tools that we use to communicate with them and I think we can improve those a little bit, maybe use some different tools and engage them more, get them more involved, if they want to.

Justas: Understood. And so, I guess you told me previously that you have an announcement to make to our community.

Juste: Yeah, so it’s a small announcement so far, we’re closing Slack channel, all of the Slack channels on January 1st, because we looked at Slack and Telegram, and we see that all of the community gathered in Telegram and it’s very active, so, you know, I think it’s better to have one active channel, instead of several distributed communication channels.

Justas: Correct, yeah, focus on one.

Juste: Yeah

Justas: So, It’s really one of the things we want to emphasize. Slack channel was more of a Pre-ICO tool and now as we’re going into this transition, we want to communicate more on what is happening on the fundamentals of the company, organizational structure building and the software development building, we’re really seeing that Telegram is a better tool to do that. So, still, people who have joined, who are using Slack channel should transfer their messages, their thoughts and their user accounts to Telegram which is going to be the instant messaging main platform for us. We’re still keeping the e-mail and Facebook, all of these very responsive, thanks to Juste and her team. On instant messaging it is going to be Telegram.

Juste: Yeah

Justas: So yeah, here is Juste, our Head of Customer Support and Insights, so thank you so much for this short interview.

(End of Conversation)

Hope you enjoyed this episode and see you in seven days on the next Week in Review. See you very soon and bye-bye.