March 9, 2021 Digital Identity

Announcement: Monetha’s new CEO and Roadmap release date

Justas Pikelis, who has been with us from the very beginning, has decided to depart from Monetha and change his focus. Justas was a great team member and we all wish him to reach new heights in his new endeavors.

The new Monetha CEO is Andrej Ruckij, who previously captained the Monetha Team as CTO. He is both the architect of the product and the spirit of the team.

What does this mean to Monetha? The departure of Justas will not affect our future product development plans. We have a strong team in place to deliver the product we’ve been working on recently — Monetha Identity.

What are the current plans for product development? A roadmap for this year is going to be published on April 5th, 2021. We are also looking for advisors from e-commerce, cashback, and affiliate industries to power up the team with relevant domain expertise.

Meanwhile, we will soon start to build a network of Monetha Identity’s partners. This means that we will reinforce our sales and marketing team. If you would like to join Monetha and work together with us, send your CV to [email protected].


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