November 27, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

New Developer/London Blockchain summit and meet-up | #WeekInReview023

Quick Version

0:18 – Quality Assurance Engineer has joined Monetha team
0:49 – Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead talking about Monetha in Amsterdam
1:12 – Monetha is participating and sponsoring London’s Blockchain Summit


Hello Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review – 23.

So, here are a few things, that we want to run through with our community of what happened last week. So, one of the main things that we want to share with you is that a new programmer has joined Monetha team, his name is Liudas Jankauskas. He’s a Quality Assurance Engineer with nine years of experience in his specialty, testing high load and big data web applications and services. Essentially, what he will be doing is test whether the quality of our programming code is good, so really looking forward to work with this powerhouse programmer and see what he can bring to the Monetha team.

Our Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead, Kellogg N. Fairbank has been participating in a ICO and Blockchain start-up meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands and he was speaking together with Swisscom and Bancor, so if you want to check out what he had to say about his experience in Monetha, there’s a link in the description below for you to view all of the live feed.

As announced, several weeks back, we are participating and sponsoring, London Blockchain Summit. This is going to be a big conference and together with us, there are going to be many companies speaking on stage, including companies, like: Western Union, Barclays, Bosh, (Enterprise) Ethereum Alliance and others. We’re going to have a keynote and we’re going to have a panel discussion about payments. So, this is something that we’re really looking forward. Tuesday – London, this is when it’s going to happen. So, as always, when we’re participating in the conference, we’re aiming for three benefits: going to conference, booking business meetings and doing our own, local meet-ups. So, the local meet-up is going to happen before the conference, on Monday, all the information is in our page and if you have any questions on how to participate there, please contact us at [email protected] or our social media platforms. So, drinks and snacks are on us, we’re going to speak about blockchain, we’re going to speak about Trust and Reputation and what’s new for Monetha, so you are very welcome, if you’re living in London or participating in London’s Blockchain Summit.

We’re going to bring a lot of video material from the London’s Blockchain Summit on the next week’s Week in Review, so, see you in seven days. Bye-Bye.