November 13, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

New Website’s Teaser/Market Research/Meetup in Japan | #WeekInReview021

Quick Version

0:20 – Conversation with Lead Designer, Erikas Mališauskas, about the new website.
0:51 – Conversation with Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead, Kellogg N. Fairbank
1:15 – Monetha is travelling to Tokyo, Japan for its business meeting


Hello Monetha’s followers, this is Monetha’s Week in Review number 21.

This week we want to discuss a few things with some of our employees, who are at the moment in Lithuania’s Software Development Headquarters. So, first of all, I want to invite our Lead Designer, Erikas Mališauskas.

(Conversation with Lead Designer, Erikas)

Justas: So, Erikas is our Lead Designer, I want to ask you Erikas, what are you working on right now?

Erikas: At this moment, we’re working on the new website and we have plans to launch a teaser website this week, in which we will show visually, how Monetha will work.

Justas: Yeah, so we’re really looking forward to that teaser website with all the mock-ups for our audience to know better how the future of Monetha’s product will look like.

(End of Conversation)

And now, I want to invite our Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead – Kellogg N. Fairbank

(Conversation with Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead, Kellogg)

Justas: So, here’s Kellogg N. Fairbank, our Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead, so Kellogg, tell our audience a little bit more on what you’re working on these days.

Kellogg: Absolutely, so again, here in Vilnius this weekend, working on an in-depth market research, identifying the countries that we’re looking to go into, as well as, identifying specific product features for those regions, so, very busy weekend.

(End of Conversation)

Justas: Also, this week, Monetha’s travelling to Tokyo, Japan for its meet-up. There’s also going to be other ICOs there, like Everex, Agrello, also the CEO of Finance is coming, so more than 350 people are coming in into this meeting, potential investors and investors of Monetha, so we’re really excited to meet them for this meet-up, which was organized by Ajumu Kodama, so we will let you know more about what happened there in the next Week in Review of Monetha.

So, see you next week and bye-bye.