July 2, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Partnership/Video from Silicon Valley/Business team traveling to Asia | #WeekInReview054

Quick Version

0:15 – Monetha partnership with payments consultants VR Team
0:37 – Interview with Digital Marketing Manager – Julius
0:53 – Tech and product teams are in Silicon Valley
1:23 – Video from Silicon Valley
1:52 – Business team is traveling to Asia


Hi Monetha’s followers, supporters and token holders, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 54.

We’ll get to the main news just in a second, but right now, I want to talk about what we have announced over the last week.

So, one of the main things that we have announced last week was a partnership with payments consultants, called VR Team. They have an extensive experience in the payments field, we are using that and leveraging that in order for us to implement payments inside our product. If you want to read more about this partnership with VR Team, go to our blog.

Two weeks ago, we have announced that we have signed a new Digital Marketing Manager for Monetha, his name is Julius and in order for you to know him better, we have prepared an interview with him, you can find it in our blog.

And now, as promised, on to the main news. And that is, our tech and product leadership teams are now in Silicon Valley and that includes team members: Andrej, Laurynas, Slava, Dima and Tomas. So, amongst many business and investor meetings, they’re also spending time with blockchain and tokenomics experts, in order to extend they’re knowledge and apply it to our product. Well, who could better explain this than themselves? This is a video from Silicon Valley.

(Tech and product teams in Silicon Valley)

Laurynas: We’re here in Silicon Valley, spending some time with the smartest people in the crypto. Designing tokenomics and understanding how the product can be advanced, how we can use tokens for better ecosystem and the product adoption. Maybe you guys have something to add?

Andrej: Well, so far we have some good ideas and we really want to improve our product and find a better market fit, so yeah, looking forward, so stay tuned. Thanks everybody!

(At the Software Development Office)

Just one quick thing before I go, Monetha’s business team is traveling to Asia next week, in order for them to meet the major contributors to our ICO from that part of the world. 

Thank you so much for your attention, as always I will see you in seven days.

Best of luck and bye-bye!