June 9, 2020 Miscellaneous

Public Health App will store your data for 5-20 years

The UK contact tracing app will keep personal data of COVID-19 patients for 20 years, states Public Health England in a privacy notice. This data includes full name, date of birth, home address, phone number, email address, and other private information.

Even those who have not been infected, but were in contact with the patients will have to deal with the fact that their data will also be collected and stored for 5 years.

Individuals will be able to ask for their information to be deleted, but the body warns that “this is not an absolute right”. This alone raises privacy concerns. It’s also unclear how it complies with GDPR, which is still applicable to UK residents.

Do you think the decision to keep people’s personal data is justified? Would you still download the app if your data is stored from 5 to 20 years?


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