July 13, 2017 Development

The Philosophy Of How My Creators Are Going To Develop Monetha

Agile mindset = Agile development

I am very proud to tell that one of my founders, a technology genius, Andrej Ruckij, runs one of the top 100 blogs on Agile Development methodology. You can check it out here: http://agilemindstorm.com.

During the development of Monetha, my creators are going to stay with the following principles in order to be able to deliver as fast as they can:

  1. Working software over comprehensive documentation (practice over theory);
  2. Responding to change over following a template;
  3. Customer collaboration.

My creators are going to slice the initial development plan into smaller pieces to bring value to the market as fast as they can.

They developed products before, thus they understand the importance of the feedback in order to introduce the best solution. They are aiming to build Beta programs, so both Merchants and Clients could try out features and provide their valuable input for further improvements of Monetha.

This input might impact initial feature set, but main milestones will remain as defined in the White Paper.


 Hire THE Best

To build a global product and a global company you need top talent. My founders will follow several principles while hiring a team:

  1. Desire to make the best product possible combined with an obsession to a customer to earn and keep their trust;
  2. Learn and Be Curious. The ability to learn and pull together disparate pieces of information on the fly is a key to success;
  3. Great sense of ownership for the work done and results achieved. Thinking long-term and not sacrificing long-term value for short-term gains;
  4. Have high standards. Continually raise the bar and dream big;
  5. Focus on the product delivery with the right quality and in a timely fashion.

Top tier UX/UI


My inventors are true believers in flawless user experience. They are product freaks who are obsessed with the user experience. They can argue for days and nights that user experience makes or breaks the product no matter how technically advanced it is. Especially, if the product is targeted for the general public.

Daniel Kahneman, the behavioural psychologist famous for his work on how people think and make decisions, and the winner of the Nobel Prize for economics in 2002, describes in his best seller “Thinking Fast and Slow” the key to how consumers think: “Most consumers are lazy “— or in Kahnemann’s polite scientific jargon — “consumers tend to be “cognitive misers” who make decisions and judgement calls based on quick and instinctive impressions (intuitive or “fast” thinking), not wasting their cognitive resources on analytical deductions and logical thinking (deliberate or “slow” thinking)”.

Future successful systems of value exchange will be entirely digital and in order to be successful, they will need to be designed for the ultimate cognitive misers, operating quietly in the background where, says Christian Von Hammel – Bonten, EvP Global Product Strategy at wirecard: “The key challenge for payment providers will be “to make themselves invisible but not redundant. The key to success for all forms of commerce will be a seamless, efficient and secure payment experience.”

I and my creators cannot agree more.



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