March 12, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Product Progress Interview/Speaking at Blockchain Conference/Traveling to London | #WeekInReview036

Quick Version

0:10 – Early Product access for MTH Holders
0:44 – Interview with Monetha’s Engineering Lead
2:24 – Monetha spoke in Kaunas Science and Techology Park conference
3:01 – Monetha is travelling to London for business meetings, search for a potential office.


Hello Monetha fans, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 38.

First things first, let’s talk about important stuff. Our MTH Holders are going to be the only people who will get an early access to our 31st of March Product Launch both on IOS and Android devices. Which means, very soon we’re going to launch a form in which you will have to upload the proof of your MTH holdings and you will be whitelisted to try our product. The engineering team is working very closely and very hard to deliver on the 31st of March and i want to bring somebody from the software engineering team to talk about it.

(Interview with Engineering Lead – Slava)

Justas: So, Monetha followers, together with me is our Engineering Lead – Slava and we have a few questions for him, the first one:

1. What is the progress for Monetha’s Mobile App Development?

Slava: Well, the first thing, good news, we are on track for the 31st of March. The core functionalities are almost done. We are ready to publish the application to Apple store for Apple’s verification. Right now, we are busy with integrating “Monitoring and Analytics” tools, as we believe that the first version of the mobile app that we will be releasing is in our vision of how it should be used and who it is for. While the most important thing is to adjust to the true users feedback and adjust the application in a way they require. Thank god we have a very good team of true specialists and we will manage to do all that in time.

Justas: Nice! Deadlines are very important but my one more question is:

2. How hard it is to work with our Design Lead – Erikas, who is so into details for a design?

Slava: Yeah, well, thank god i had such an experience before, so we are ready for that challenge. But that’s number one priority to us actually. Is to make it perfectly good, so to say.

Justas: Yeah, so design is going to be very beautiful, the functionality is going to be there and we are all waiting for the 31st of March, so strength to you and all the engineering team.

(End of interview)

This week, Monetha spoke at a blockchain conference in Kaunas Science and Technology Park. Not a lot of people know this about Monetha but we distinguish ourselves from other ICO and blockchain companies of being very science-driven. We distinguish ourselves of having the scientific approach to our product development and this reflects that we’re hiring data scientists, reputational scientists and working very closely in collaboration with universities to onboard very talented, superstar students that can help to develop Monetha’s product.

This week, Monetha’s going to visit London as it is one of the candidates for us to open one more office in Europe. We’re going to have multiple business meetings and interviews, because London is the biggest talent pool in Europe, as mentioned, a candidate for a new Monetha office. So, wait for updates from London.

This is it for the last week of Monetha’s development. We are working hard towards the 31st of March. If you have forgotten about registering on the MTH Contributors Club, don’t forget to do that, it’s still on, the registration is still open. Wait for the registration on whitelisting on our product on IOS and Android devices and i will see you very soon in seven days on the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye.