February 25, 2018 Knowledge Center

Pros and Cons of investing in cryptocurrencies (How to make money from cryptocurrencies?)


Pros: Huge daily growth/drop in the price; easy to get information about companies and their activities; fast-paced, interesting, high risk – high return; always open and accessible for trading.

Cons: high volatility, addictive; Pump&Dump, liquidity; problems with exchanges.

Participation in ICOs

Pros: Easy access to invest into early stage companies; huge gains.

Cons: Scam ICOs, almost every ICO goes below the ICO price at some point; the need for better knowledge about projects – require a lot of time; period of frozen money; liquidity after crowdsale (low volume for people who want to sell tokens, then the price drops).


Pros: Low risk – high return; no huge services, long time investment, possibility to mine different coins; different types of mining – cloud mining, private mining.

Cons: Very expensive to start; expensive hardware; a need for space; a need a lot of electricity; volatile crypto prices and gravity levels (price can drastically decrease of what you mined and there is a risk of low to zero profit).

Long-term investing

Pros: low risk investment, easy to invest, investing in stable and reliable technology based companies; huge gains.

Cons: no regulations (if regulations are applied, it can cause a lot of severities).


There are many risks people have to take in order to make money. Some of them are willingness to risk everything they have and even take loans.(Which is in no way acceptable and should never be done). While others are ready for wise investment and taking lower risks.

In our opinion, the best option is….

Please, be intelligent and make a smart investment, always remember the golden investment rule – invest an amount into an asset you are willing to lose without any regrets.