December 14, 2017 Miscellaneous

A Public Letter to Token Holders

Dear Token Holders,

Many of you have seen me through video, but today I’d like to do things differently, and communicate with you, our Monetha token holders and bigger Monetha community, in writing. For some, this letter may be a goodbye, and for others, a new and exciting beginning.
Here, we’d like to address the “elephant in the room” — the token price. We recognize that the current price of the token on coinmarketcap for our token holders has gone down since the ICO, however, our confidence in Monetha has not wavered, and we’d like to explain why.


Our ICO finished just over three months ago. While we are aware of the expression “one month in the crypto world is like one year in the real world”, Monetha is not a crypto-only business. Our focus is on establishing a global company, which requires us to first lay a solid foundation. It’s important that we build a strong team, set strategic partnerships, create operational offices in various locations and define short-term and long-term product goals. Naturally, to make these decisions requires time as well as financial support, and we assure you that we’re dedicated to the Monetha cause, trying to squeeze 25 hours out of the day — though these tasks cannot be done overnight.


Monetha’s mentality was and always will be long-term. We have broadcasted it from the beginning and we feel that it is crucial that our investors share the same mindset. A mindset that speculations and short-term spikes do not offer value and are not representative of the situation; A mindset that the value is seen when releasing the product, announcing partnerships, making waves in your respective domain and doing things that are actually tangible. These are actions that are time-tested. That said, our actions, decisions and tradeoffs may look counterintuitive for those who are focused on short-term gains, but we’re always operating for the longstanding good of the company. With this focus, we’re taking the road that in crypto is less traveled, but frequently marched along in the traditional business world.

Hard work never goes out of fashion.

We’re not NBA players who have the platform to show off their training. We can’t post pictures on social media of our progress, how we’re sitting in front of our computers, so you could see how hard we work. But, we wish that we could invite every single one of you into our office to see that every team member of Monetha is pouring their hearts out, working long hours to deliver on their responsibilities.
We are committed to tackling our biggest challenge — market adoption, dedicating time with business people in long strategic product sessions to layout a detailed roadmap, incorporating partnerships with e-commerce platforms, universities and alliances amongst others. This is both a team and individual effort.
Andrej is gathering the best developer team that money and a challenging product can attract, and creating a path for feedback-based, continuous product delivery. Laurynas is dedicating long hours into understanding what value propositions and features of our product are most needed for Monetha to have high growth. Kellogg is taking the best advantage of his network in the payments industry to connect with companies who are interested in adding the trust and reputation component into their commerce. Product developers and designers are working extensively to meet the developmental milestones in spring 2018. This is the hard work that is never seen online, though we are trying to remain closely connected to you by providing frequent updates without giving away too much information for our competition.

True w(n)orth.

To be honest, at the moment we don’t follow the price that much. There are way more important things to do to reach what truly matters. Sustainable, long-term company with bulletproof foundation.
First of all, it only brings artificial feelings like joy and disappointment and shifts the focus from what is the most important — building the future for trustful commerce.
Monetha’s worth is ultimately significant, as there’s a galactic reward for a company that solves the trust and reputation issue in commerce, removing fear, uncertainty and doubt when buying online. Monetha will channel the same trust that comes when you shop in a merchant’s shop or well-known retail store — anywhere in the world. That feeling is priceless and we are prepared to prove that to the market by implementing our ambitious vision.
If your beliefs no longer align with what is written in this letter, we honestly suggest that you consider parting ways. However, if you feel that our philosophy speaks to you and you’re looking to stick with us to create change in the world — we welcome you, as great things await for those who work hard, act smart and have patience.

The founding team