August 31, 2017 Miscellaneous

Safety Precautions For The ICO + Status Update On Strategic Investors

I’ve heard many questions from potential investors about potential hacking threats.

Today, I’d like to write a blog post with my recommendations about participating in the ICO.

In addition to that there is an important update on my strategic investors.

1. Slack

Due to ever-increasing amounts of potential threats, we will be temporarily disabling messages on public Slack channels. You’ll be able to track all of our updates on the #Announcements channel, where we’ll post frequently asked questions and any updates regarding the crowdsale.

Once the messaging will be disabled, you will have an option to PM us with your questions (Only PM user “Monetha” on Slack).  Please note, that we will try to respond as soon as possible, but it may take us a few hours to do that.

TIP: Never trust any messages from Slackbot, as anyone can send messages with it. MEW was never hacked, and we will never ask you to enter any information about unlocking your wallet.

2. Telegram

Once our Slack will be disabled, you will have an option to join our Telegram group, and ask any questions there.

If you receive a PM from anyone pretending to be Monetha, we recommend you check the validity of the person in the Monetha group, or you can DM us on Twitter for further clarification.

3. Email Newsletter

We will never send you our wallet address in the email, so don’t trust anyone that will do otherwise — you will only be able to see our address in (top left corner, click “Join Crowdsale”).

Again: We will never send you the Monetha wallet address in an email.  Be on high alert, and if in doubt – always check with us.

4. Facebook

Throughout the crowdsale, we will have a LIVE Facebook video, that we recommend you watch. In case of any hacking attempts or issues, you’ll be the first one to know, if you’re with us on the livestream. During the livestream, we’ll also provide you with any updates (if we reach the soft-cap or the hard cap and more).

5. Website

Remember that the only legitimate website is . If you receive any other links, please make sure you are entering the correct website, by simply checking the link at the top of your browser.


15 minutes before the beginning of the ICO, my co-founders will release a video that will include several digits of my contribution wallet. Please watch the video and make sure that the digits you see, match the same digits that appear on the Crowdsale page.

[RECAP] Security Update from Earlier This Week

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Strategic investors

Most companies, both in the crypto world and the regular business world, go through a stage of creating early interest to both corporate and private investors. It was important to secure investments early on, so that we could better manage a successful ICO, and understand in advance the amount of funds required for the long run. Our hard cap is a result of this, and our road map shows exactly how the funds will be utilized within the next 24 months.

Monetha today, is a result of many months of work, both in-house and with the hired help of external professional advisors, all of which require funds to operate.

We are thankful that we have managed to secure early investors, who have provided us with the ability to move forward in a secure and confident way. The success of Monetha has also depended on securing funding at an early stage. We’re pleased to have found such investors who’ve shown confidence in our company, our team and our plans. We’ve rewarded these investors with additional tokens which come from our bounty campaign/advisors/​​partners/ICO campaign​​ costs pool.

Today, we’ve finished a strategic investment deal, with our financial advisor Paolo Rebuffo that started working with us six months ago.  We’ve also received funds from a Kellogg N. Fairbank‘s network of investors and further investment from our marketing advisor, James Downton.  Those investors have experience in payments, e-commerce , and customer acquisition that will help to rise the overall value of Monetha. This also includes other corporate and individual investors who have shown very early interest in Monetha.

Whether it would be a seed round, VC investment, IPO or ICO, it’s general practice for a startup to acquire the funds from strategic partners in order to have long term success.

As it’s important for us to be completely transparent with our ICO, and the token allocation, we decided to include these investors in the actual crowdsale smart contract, and to also ensure the token allocation is both transparent but also accurate.

We thank you for your continuous support, which is greatly appreciated.

Remember: You are on the internet, be aware of potential scammers. If you have to — double check the information with multiple sources (Twitter, Facebook, Monetha’s website, etc.)

Important updates and announcements will be posted to our Slack Announcement channel, Facebook, Twitter or in Telegram.