April 24, 2020 Development

Digital Identity: Secure data exchange

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This blog focuses on the secure data exchange, which is one of the features of Monetha’s Digital Identity.

But before we get into it, let us remind you about the Monetha Digital Identity.
With the Monetha Digital Identity you own your personal data and have full control over it, with the choice of where to use your personal information and how. No central authority can censor your identity or take it away. Securely exchange this data without intermediary and without worrying it will be compromised as it uses state of the art cryptography. This not only improves the way people, businesses, and governments interact today, but also enables new and exciting opportunities.

Secure data exchange unlocks the potential of Digital Identity. Now, you can write data to your Digital Identity and share it with others, as well as read/share data provided by third parties.

Any operations within your Digital Identity can be confirmed using an in-app Face ID and fingerprint sensor.

We hope that these features prove to be useful. Download the app and enjoy!

Secure data exchange videos

Adding personal data (text) to digital identity

Adding personal data (file) to digital identity

Sharing personal data

Reading/sharing data provided by 3rd party


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