January 29, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Singapore/Forbes Nomination/Demo Test Store/Interview | #WeekInReview032

Quick Version

0:31 Monetha’s co-founders – Justas and Laurynas nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30!
1:47 Interview with the Head of Customer Support and Insights – Justė
2:11 Monetha launched its Demo Test Store to test the functionality of the MVP Update
2:37 Part of Monetha’s team is in Singapore – the Business Hub of South East Asia.


How are you Monetha followers? Welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review number 32.

So, maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not, but we are here in Singapore as you can tell: to my right, we have – Marina Bay Sands and to my left, we have Central Business District. What we are doing here in Singapore… I’m going to tell just in one bit, but now, let’s continue with what has happened over the last seven days in Monetha’s organization.

So, on the 31st episode, we talked about that we’re going to attend a very interesting event in London. So, besides all of the business meetings we had, we were invited to Forbes 30 Under 30 event. So, two of the three co-founders of Monetha – Justas and Laurynas were nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30. This list consists of the most influential people in business, who are under the age of 30. So me and Laurynas were nominated for two categories – one in Finance and second one in Big Money. This is a very big achievement for us, we want to thank not only Forbes and everybody that elected us to this list, but also to our community which has been a big contributor and also, of course, our amazing team that is doing a beautiful job in building Monetha’s technology. So, the third co-founder – Andrej Ruckij, would also been included into this list, but he’s just over 30 years old. So, once again, thank you community, thanks Forbes and to our team for being included to Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

So, when it comes to our blog, we not only talked about the experience in London of Forbes 30 Under 30, but also, had an interview with Monethian. This time, Justė Stašelytė, who is the Head of Customer Support and Insights, so if you want to find out what is her professional background and why she joined Monetha, check out our blog. Both links are in the description below.

Attention to all the merchants and e-commerce store owners, as you all know, the 19th of January was when we released our First Product Milestone. So, if you want to see how that looks in reality, we have rolled out our Test Demo Store, in which you can see how that looks in the interface and how to install it to your e-commerce store. If you want to find that out, we have provided the link in the description below. Check it out!

So, as mentioned in the beginning of Monetha’s Week in Review, i’m going to reveal what are we doing here in Singapore. So, if you read our whitepaper, since the beginning we have talked about exponential growth of e-commerce in South East Asia. So, if you want to have your presence in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, you have to incorporate in the Hub of Business of South East Asia, which is Singapore. So, we’re testing this hypothesis by arriving here and meeting with potential partners, meeting with venture capital investors, also meeting sales people, business development people, because we are still keeping our Software Development in Europe, as we believe that there is the best value for money and the best talent when it comes to software development, especially blockchain engineers. But, when it comes to business development and sales, we really believe that we should open up an office here in Singapore. So, as mentioned, we’re testing this hypothesis, doing everything that is possible to broaden our network and that’s why part of the team is here in Singapore, so we’re going to have over the next few weeks more news about our activities here, also, we’re going to do some community meet-ups, so if you’re interested to meet Monetha’s team, please follow our news. Next week, we’re going to tell the dates where you can meet us, talk about Monetha’s technology and the next steps.

So, as always, it was a pleasure to speak with you, here from Singapore and see you very soon in the next Monetha’s Week in Review. Bye-Bye.