December 25, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Software Development Update/New Partnership (EEA)/New Exchange | #WeekInReview027

Quick Version

0:22 – Monetha became the newest member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
1:17 – Monetha has been included in the OKEx exchange
1:36 – Reminder of Monetha’s Slack channels to be closed on January 1st
1:59 – Conversation with Monetha’s co-founder and CTO, Andrej Ruckij about the MVP


Happy Holidays, Monetha’s followers, say hello to Monetha’s Week in Review number 27.

Merry Christmas everybody, but here at Monetha, we’re still working hard throughout the whole festive season and we want to bring the main news of what happened over the last seven days and the highlight of it, that we became the newest member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Its purpose is to gather both, the Fortune 500 companies, like members of the caliber of Microsoft, Intel, Deloitte and many others. And technology startups, like TenX, Monetha, Zcash, Bancor and others. To really share the knowledge and the connections in the industry, in order to build upon the knowledge of Ethereum technology. So, we met Jeremy Miller in London’s Blockchain Summit in which we talked together in a panel discussion about blockchain payments and we furthered our talks and we finally became the newest member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and are very excited to do so.

One more great piece of news is that we were included into the exchange called OKEx and to be honest, it is the top 10 exchange by 24 hour volume. So, great news for MTH token holders, please visit OKEx to see Monetha pairings.

Quick reminder, that we are shutting down all Slack communication, which means all Slack channels of Monetha and bringing in all members to Telegram, feel free to join Telegram as this is the platform that we are going to focus on instant messaging and our community support is present there and super responsive.

And now, I want to bring in a very special guest.

(Conversation with the co-founder and CTO of Monetha, Andrej Ruckij)

Justas: So, here, together with me, a probably very familiar face to you, this is our co-founder and CTO, Andrej Ruckij, who has some software development news for you.

Andrej: Yes, we’re actually planning to update our MVP pretty soon and our main focus is to improve the security for our integrations, our e-commerce integrations and “Buy Now” button. And the second thing is to streamline and improve the process of deal processing and reputation processing. And the whole code is available at GitHub, we recently announced the Bug Bounty Program, so please help us to improve the product and be rewarded. And also an important thing to note, that this is going to be our foundation for the next planned update in March, where we’re going to introduce our first version of mobile apps, deal formalization process and many good things, so yeah, stay tuned.

Justas: Yeah, so when it comes to the update of the MVP, when the community can expect to see it deployed.

Andrej: Yeah, we’re working very hard to introduce this update early in January, hopefully, first week, but yeah, maybe later, but we’re working hard to deliver it as soon as possible, so everybody can benefit on this functionality that we’re going to introduce.

Justas: Great news and a great foundation to what is going to become our first product release on the 31st of March, so thanks for the news, Andrej.

(End of Conversation)

Once again, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and we will see you, now next year, on the 1st of January, on Monday in the next Monetha’s Week in Review. See you very soon and bye-bye.