October 2, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Talent Acquisition, A new US partnership announced, & How you can help put Monetha on Binance.com | #ICOWeekInReview 015

Monetha ICO Week 015… More talent acquisitions, a new US partnership announced, & What you can do right now to help put Monetha on Binance.com.

Quick Version

  • 00:08 – Talent acquisition
  • 00:22 – Speaking at Blockchain keynote conferences
  • 01:02 – A new US partnership announced
  • 01:55 – How you can help put Monetha on Binance.com


Hello, Monetha followers. This is Monetha’s week in review number 15. Without further ado, I’m going to tell you what happened in Monetha last week. Because you already may know that was highlighted several week in review, that we are looking for topnotch developers. For this matter, we want to bring the brand awareness to spread the work of Monetha very widely, and we are doing that by attending conferences and seminars. Blockchain conferences and seminars for software engineers.

Last week, we did this in Technological Park, Vilnius, in which a lot of Blockchain enthusiast and software developers were participating. We’re planning to do this periodically in order to build the brand awareness of Monetha and show developers that it is a great workplace for them to realize themselves and to join Monetha’s mission. And a new partnership, one of the newest merchants that was included to use Monetha’s MVP and I want to highlight this. That these merchants are writing to us. They are approaching us on unsolicitedly for them to install our MVP, which is at the moment not scalable. It will become scalable, but it just shows the demand that is being brought by the merchants. And how universal is Monetha? For example, LandSpotter is selling land in the United States, so this just shows the broad spectrum of merchants that can benefit from using Monetha.

We’re really happy about this partnership, about this new merchant, one of the merchants that we have included. LandSpotter has written a blog, so this is in the description below and we are very happy to onboard LandSpotter.

So, everybody’s asking about exchanges. Putting a lot of energy into questioning when are we going to get listed on the exchanges, so this is your chance to channel that energy into a beneficial result. We want to announce that Binance, one of the highest growing exchanges there is. Who’s putting a lot of effort in listing the best decentralized app coins, ICO points, just as Monetha into their exchange. They are announcing a competition, which Monetha was included in as one of the most requested coins and this is your change to vote for Monetha for it to be listed on Binance. The top voted coin will be listed on Binance. It is very easy. We have written a blog how to vote. You just only have to transfer 0.1 Binance coin, which is about $0.14 and that’s how you vote. So, we’re really encouraging the community to really spread the word and show their support. The community has been amazing throughout these last months, which was shown before the ICO and after the ICO and you can channel this energy by voting for Monetha to be included in Binance.

As I mentioned, all the instructions are in the blog, which is in the description below. Please do view it and vote for Monetha. The voting will end on Friday, so you don’t have a lot of time, but at the moment, Monetha is on the top list competing with two or three coins. So, please show your energy. Show your support as you always do for Monetha and it will bring a very beneficial results.

So, to round things up, this has been an intensive week for Monetha. We are moving to a new office by the way and once we do, we’ll give you a small tour, video tour around our new work place. Also, we are looking for a Chief Financial Officer. This has been very a important task. A priority in terms of our internal operations, so next week, we will meet you in week in review. We will find out if we won the Binance competition and we will get listed on Binance exchange, so once again, vote for Monetha and we will see you next week in Monetha’s week in review. Bye. Bye.


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