March 6, 2019 Miscellaneous

TEDx talk with Monetha’s co-founder Justas Pikelis

On 9 March, Monetha’s co-founder Justas is going to attend the TEDx SquareMile event in London, where he will speak about economic/tech bubbles in a fully sold out venue!

We will include the video of the presentation once it becomes available and in the meantime, read more about Justas and his presentation below.


Justas is a Lithuanian entrepreneur, co-founder of Monetha. A blockchain reputation platform with raised 37 million USD in 18 minutes with their ICO. Justas is elected to Forbes 30 under 30, Nominated for Innovator of the Year by Euronews and an influential voice in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.


Economical/technology bubbles come in repeatable cycles and the way to seize that inflation or protecting yourself from it lies in recognizing the pattern.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

Computing a theory of everything by Stephen Wolfram. It is very much like watching a master play the piano, but with a computer.

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