October 23, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

The 1st Monetha Summit, A New Listing On A Local Chinese Exchange, & Back To Back Meetings In London | #ICOWeekInReview 018

Monetha ICO Week 018… Lithuanian tech hub opens, Monetha lists on Binance, and we prepare for London’s Blockchain Summit 2017.

Quick Version

  • 00:05 – Andrej talks Ethereum scalability and Dev. team update
  • 00:36 – Back to back meetings in London
  • 00:48 – New listing on a local Chinese Exchange
  • 01:14 – The 1st internal Monetha Summit


Hello everyone. This is Monetha’s Week in Review, number 18.

One of the first things that happened last week is we had a Q&A together with Andrej who’s our CTO. We have spoken about the scalability issues of Ethereum. We have spoken about the next development steps for Monetha, how the team is being gathered of the best software engineer talent.

I recommend you to check it out, it’s almost an hour and it’s definitely valuable information for anybody that’s holding a Monetha token or is looking to hold Monetha tokens.

In the middle of the week, me together with Kellogg have visited London in which we had full day of meetings, and as the time passes on we will have more business traveling inside and outside of Europe.

One more exchange has been added to Monetha’s portfolio and that is KuCoin Exchange, which is a local Chinese exchange. Not only we’re looking for international cryptocurrency exchanges but also attacking the local currency exchanges as they tend to grow very highly in user adoption. We believe that this is a strong strategy in order to have a wide adoption for MTH coin.

As you may already seen today, we had a live Q&A with Eric Duprat who flew in from San Francisco for Monetha’s internal summit. Everybody that’s important to Monetha flew into Lithuanian’s development headquarters. We had a strategic sessions which determine the next steps for Monetha, and that is a very exciting times for us.

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Thanks for watching Week in Review, and see you next week. Bye-bye.