February 5, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

User Tests/Meet-up in Singapore/Blockchain’s Impact/Monethian Interview | #WeekInReview033

Quick Version

0:34 – Users testing Monetha’s app (power sellers, buyers etc.)
1:20A blog interview with Engineering Lead – Viaceslavas
1:40Blockchain’s impact on major industries video
2:09 – Monetha’s goodbye to Kellogg N. Fairbank (new team announcements soon!)
2:29Upcoming Monetha’s Meetup in Singapore (more details – here)


Hello Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 33.

So, before we get into the exciting last 7 days, i just want to remind you that part of the Monetha’s team is in Singapore, as we are having multiple business meetings, expanding our network and trying to better understand the South East Asia market. So, before we move on, I just wanted to thank the Carousell’s team for hosting us in their beautiful and very big office.

So, one of the main news of last week is that we have started our user interviews, which means that a lot of power sellers and people who are buying in classified ad marketplaces and in e-commerce, they are testing our application and to that, we are forming and shaping how the product is going to look like because the launch is very soon, it’s on the 31st of March, so the user interviews are in full effect. As mentioned, people who are heavily participating in peer to peer commerce, whether that would be from the seller’s side or from the buyer’s side and the input that we’re getting is really amazing.

Last week, we released 2 pieces of content, one of them became almost a tradition an “Interview with Monethian” and this time, Viaceslavas, who is our Engineering Lead, so if you want to find out more about his background, what he thinks about Monetha’s product and even funny stories from Monetha, please do view that interview. And on the second one, I talked about, in these educational videos, which also starting to become the tradition, we released a video in which we talk about the industries that are going to benefit from the blockchain’s technology the most, so this might be very beneficial to the professionals or people who want to implement blockchain’s technology in their own business. So please do view those 2 pieces of content that we released last week.

In terms of our team, we have to sadly say goodbye to our, now former Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead, Kellogg Fairbank, who’s going to focus more on his new business, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and when it comes to the team, we will have some new announcements very soon, so stay tuned.

So, when it comes to our last week’s promise of holding Monetha’s community meet-up, we’re holding that promise and proudly announcing that this Friday, 6 PM at world famous co-working space, WeWork in Beach Centre, Singapore, we are holding our community’s meet-up, which is called, “Who will survive the ICO bubble?”. In this meet-up, 2 more companies are going to be participating and we’re going to talk about Monetha’s long-term strategy and how we will survive the ICO bubble. Just wanted to remind you that the participants number is very limited, so if you want to participate, let us know via Meetup RSVP or Facebook’s RSVP. So, just to repeat, this Friday, 6 PM, WeWork – Monetha’s Community meet-up.

So, this is it for this week, we’re super excited about user interviews, people are leaving great feedback, in terms of our product, which is going to be released on the 31st of March and if you want to find out more about our product, about our long-term strategy, see you on Friday in WeWork.

Thank You so much for your attention and bye-bye.