March 19, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Vote for Monetha Co-Founders/Trip to London/T-Shirt Winners/Three Interviews/WeekInReview#039

Quick Version

0:11 – Meeting with Andy Lim – Tembusu Partners owner, Honorary Consul of Lithuania.
0:48 – Interview with Monetha’s CTO | Andrej
0:59 – Interview with Monetha’s Intern from India | Chaitra
1:12 – “TheCryptoLark” interviews Monetha
1:28 – First Monetha T-Shirts Winners!
1:36 – Vote for Monetha in European Leadership Awards 2018
2:05 – Short video from London, hiring professionals; [email protected]
2:36 – Monetha App Whitelist for token holders next week


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 39.

This week we have a bunch of news, so let’s get started.

Last week, at Monetha’s office we hosted a very special guest – Andy Lim, who is not only the owner of Tembusu partners, a Venture Capital Firm in Singapore, but also an Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Singapore for more than 13 years. When he came to our Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania, we spoke about all of the possibilities for Monetha in Southeast Asian region and why it is important for e-commerce. So, we really want to thank Andy for his support.

Last week, we’ve released not one, but two interviews with Monethians. The first one was with our CTO – Andrej Ruckij in which he talked about his position at Monetha and what he brings with his technological background to Monetha’s table.
The second one is an interview with our intern from India. Her name is Chaitra and she really helps us in order for us to understand better the Asian markets and especially, Indian market.

One more piece of content that might be interesting to you is an extensive interview with a crypto influencer called “TheCryptoLark”. In 30 minute interview, we’ve talked about Monetha’s product and what’s coming out for the 31st of March. Check it out!

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the people who participated in our contest to win Monetha T-Shirts. To see if you won, check out the description below.

We’re proud to announce that a very well known media outlet – Euronews, has nominated all of the three Monetha’s Co-Founders: Andrej, Justas and Laurynas for European Leadership Awards in the category of “The innovator of the year”. So, we’re going to provide the link in the description below for you to vote for us. It is a shortlist of 15 people, we would be glad if you would give a vote for Monetha.

As promised last week, we visited London and here’s a short video about it.

(At London, Paddington Area)

We’re here right now in London, having business meetings, actually looking for an office space, too. Right now, I’m in this area called: Paddington, and hiring. So, if you are a professional, or you know professionals who have experience in payments field or Trust and Reputation field, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will have news from London very soon for our followers.

(At Monetha’s Software Development Office)

And here is the most important thing. The product release on the 31st of March, which is actually only 12 days away from now, can be only accessed by our token holders. And the tool to prove that, to get whitelisted will be provided next week. So, follow the news and you will be able to access Monetha’s app on iOS and Android devices.

So, here is a full bundle of news that we wanted to announce this week, I will see you in seven days on the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye.