January 7, 2018 Miscellaneous

Vote for Monetha on CobinHood Exchange

Most recently, Monetha has entered the CobinHood voting competition in which the winner will be listed on the CobinHood exchange.

CobinHood is the next-generation cryptocurrency service platform with ZERO trading fees. Two of their competitions have already ended with declared winners, and now we’re taking part in the third one!

Here is how you can support Monetha by voting for us on CobinHood:

1. Create an account on CobinHood.

2. Deposit ETH/BTC or any other cryptocurrency into your CobinHood account to purchase COB tokens, which will grant you the ability to vote (you need 30 COBs to cast a vote, which at the time of writing this blog costs about 9 USD, voting will not consume purchased COBs).

3. Visit the voting competition by visiting this link.

4. Cast your vote.

5. Done!

Note: Voting ends on 16 January 23:59 (UTC+0)

If you have any other questions about this competition or about Monetha in general, you can always join our Telegram to interact with our community.

Thank you for your continuous support!