November 19, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Waltonchain and Decentraland/New website/Knowledge center | #MTHWeekInReview 074

Quick Version

0:22 – Waltonchain and Decentraland tokens added to payment gateway
0:34 – New, redesigned website is live!
1:08 – All you need to know about Coin Burn
1:11 – What you need to know about Blockchain Confirmation


This is the 74th Monetha’s Week In Review – let’s go!

As you may already know, Monetha’s payment gateway is now compatible with ERC20 tokens. So, every week, at Monetha’s team, we’re unlocking new tokens and adding them to our payment gateway, so you will be able to pay with them at Monetha’s merchants. This week, we’re adding two more coins, which is Waltonchain coin and Decentraland coin. So, we want to congratulate both of these communities that are supporting these coins, those are added to Monetha’s payment gateway.

If you visited a long time ago, you don’t know this yet, but we have updated our website, when it comes to animations, images and most importantly, the product explanations. Also, this new website acts as a little bit of a sneak peek to what’s going to be a redesign of our iOS and Android mobile application. So, you’re more than welcome to visit the brand new – .

In addition to all of that work, we have also added two more pieces of content, when it comes to our knowledge center on all things crypto. So, one of them is burning tokens and how that works, the second one is about the crypto transactions and what’s behind them, so if you want to educate yourself on both of these topics, go visit our knowledge center, the links are in description below.

This is it for this episode, but I want to remind you that next week Monetha is visiting Japan for the third time this year to meet our Japanese community, which is being led by Ayumu Kodama. Very excited about it and I will see you in seven days, in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye!