November 12, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Web Summit/Augur and Power Ledger tokens/App translation to Japanese/blog | #MTHWeekInReview 073

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0:10 – Monetha spoke at Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal
1:25 – Augur and Power Ledger available on our payment gateway!
1:55 – Monetha app translated to Japanese!
2:24 – What is Digital Signature? blog


Hello Monetha’s supporters, the turtleneck is back and welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 73

Last week, Monetha had the honor of being invited to the largest tech conference in the world, named Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Many world famous CEOs and founders have participated in this conference, including for example, Medium’s and Twitter’s co-founder Ev Williams and probably one of the most known investors in the world, Ray Dalio and many many more. Monetha had the honor of hosting the Cryptoconf inside the Web Summit, so we have prepared some footage from Lisbon, Portugal. Check it out!

(At Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal)

Here we are guys at the Web Summit, the largest tech conference in Portugal, Lisbon. Speakers, partners, investors, it’s huge, 70K people are here and Monetha is speaking at the Crypto stage.

“Good afternoon, and welcome to the Cryptoconf.”

Co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin talked about the power of Ethereum. To discuss a breaking new ground in emerging markets, Ryan Taylor of Dash was invited. These cryptocurrency community heavyweights and many more were participating at Cryptoconf.

(At the Software development office, in Vilnius Lithuania)

So, if you followed last week’s news, you know that we have the ERC20 token compatibility with our payment gateway and this is a large step in our roadmap. So, as promised, every week, we’re adding new tokens for our ERC20 collection and this time, the world famous, Augur and Power Ledger, so congratulations to both Augur’s and Power Ledger’s community, your token has been included into our payment gateway.

Konichiwa, Monetha fans! There is no secret that we have a large community of supporters in Japan. That’s why it really made sense for us to translate our application into Japanese and we did it! With our newest update, you will see the Japanese translation and this really made sense for us today, because very soon, we will visit Japan to meet our community members. Stay update, both on this and on your iOS and Android devices.

We’ve also released a blog, which explains what is a digital signature and how it works. If you want to see it, educate yourself, go into the description below, you will see the full link right there.

Visiting Web Summit, ERC20 token compatibility and a new update, which includes Japanese language. I would say that it is a lot of work done in one week and that actually reflects in our token performance, check it out on and I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye!