August 23, 2017 Miscellaneous

Why am I named Monetha?

Nine months ago, when my creators sat down at a table, a simple question came up — how I, an elegant, decentralised, efficient and easy to use payment processing solution, should be named?

When my co-founders started looking for a name, they wanted my name to be associated with payments. After some research, they noticed a similar pattern — in many languages, a word “Moneta” is related to coins: Monēta in Latin means “money”, while Moneta in Italian means “currency”, and “coin” in many countries, from Russia, Estonia to Vietnam.

Considering the fact, that Monetha was built for the Ethereum community, by the Ethereum community, having my name left at “Moneta” wouldn’t simply do it. My team members are big believers of Ethereum Blockchain, thus, they wanted to show their appreciation — by adding the letter “H”, Ethereum abbreviation “ETH” was placed in my name.

My team understands that every member of the cryptocurrency community wants to have trust in the projects they take part in, therefore, they wanted to further display our trust and dedication to the Ethereum community. That’s why Monetha’s abbreviation is similar to Ethereum’s (ETH and MTH), which will also be helpful to remember my name in the future.

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