August 6, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Conference/App and Web updates/Podcast | #MTHWeekInReview 059

Quick Version

0:07 – Monetha was speaking at the Global Marketplaces Summit
0:28 – Call button added, archive deals in App Update #9
0:58 – Create deals with the updated Monetha for Web
1:10 – Monetha was a guest at “Seedcamp” podcast


Hello Monetha friends, this is Monetha’s Week In Review, the 59th episode.

Quite recently, Monetha was speaking at a large conference, called Online Marketplaces Summit which was happening at the world famous “Fontainebleau Hotel” in Miami. Other participants included companies: Facebook, eBay, Schibsted, OLX, and many others. It was a great opportunity of networking and business meetings in Miami. 

As every week, our developers are pushing out the new update. This time, we’re adding a few options.
One of them is really interesting. Right now, you can call the person that you’re dealing with. This will close the communication between the two parties and make the deals even more seamless.
The next thing is that we have added the option of archiving deals, so you can make your user interface tidier, and of course, last but not least is that we made some optimizations and adjustments for the application to work even better.

Oh sorry, I forgot! One more update, which is on our web product. Right now, you can formalize the deals for goods and services also on web which are synced up with your mobile app activity. Go try it out on web!

Last week, Monetha was a guest in an hour long podcast, called “This much I know”. This podcast is being done by “Seedcamp”, which is one of the most famous early stage investment firms and the host of the show, Carlos Eduardo Espinal, who’s actually also the general partner at “Seedcamp”, he was asking questions about Monetha’s history and about Monetha’s future. 
So, if you want to know more about our products and about our company, go check out this podcast.
The link to the SoundCloud is in the description below.

So, this is it for the last seven days, I’m happy about the progress that Monetha is making every single week and if you have any questions about it, go join our Telegram channel and our community support is in full effect there.

So, I will see you next Monday, have a great week! Bye-Bye!

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