August 14, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

App and Web Updates/Ecommerce integrations/Developer meetings/Blog | #MTHWeekInReview 060

Quick Version

0:20 – The changing ICO landscape blog
0:33 – App Update #10
0:56 – Make deals on Monetha for Web
1:22 – Developer Meetings
1:37 – Integrate Monetha Gateway in your store!
2:04 – Monetha speaks at CryptoBlockCon
2:27 – Monetha is a judge at ICO pitch competition
2:43 – Secret Business Meetings revealed next week!


Hi Monetha followers, hope you’re doing well, this is Monetha’s Week In Review number 60!

As you can see, I’m in a studio and I’m in New York. The reason why I’m here, I’m going to get to that in a minute, but now, want to to talk about what happened over the last week in Monetha.

One of the things that we have released internally is our blog in which we talk about the changing landscape of ICOs and how from retail contributors everything shifts to private sales.

It’s already the 10th Monetha’s App Update, can you believe that? Already number 10! For you to update this application go to your iOS and Android devices and you will see a new feature. The new feature includes viewing your wallet address in Monetha’s app and together with that, we have shifted a few things, we have adjusted a few things to make the app even better.

And when it comes to our second product, which is the Web application of Monetha, we’re also making it better every single day! And this time, this is a great update, the update includes, that you can now finalize, formalize, start, edit and cancel deals in Web. This is going to be a very good feature for those who are selling on their desktops in online marketplaces or in e-commerce stores. Go check it out!

Our superstar developers had an internal meeting/bootcamp which prepared the roadmap for the next milestone. I would love to announce it but that is a secret, please community have some patience, we will build it and we will announce it.

Just wanted to announce that we are super happy that more and more people integrate Monetha’s payment processor into their e-commerce stores. So, using Monetha’s Application, Monetha’s Web Application and Monetha’s Payment Processor. We’re super happy for those merchants, if you have an e-commerce store or your friends have an e-commerce store and wants to accept Ether payments together with Trust and Reputation System, go contact us at [email protected]

So, there are several reasons why we’re here in New York. One of them is that on the 15th of August, Monetha is going to speak at CryptoBlockCon conference. This conference includes many well known blockchain professionals and Monetha is going to speak at the panel which includes businesses which supplement their case with blockchain technology. In addition to that, we’re also judging an ICO pitch competition. So, if you would like to meet us, to speak with us, ask some questions, we would love to meet you in Manhattan at CryptoBlockCon on the 15th of August. More information is in the description below.

The next thing, and I cannot be more excited about this is that in New York we’re having business meetings with very influential people. As of yet, i cannot still spoil who they are, but, I’m super excited to announce them next week.

So, I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Best of luck and bye-bye!

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