November 26, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Binance Coin/Japan community/App update – wallet | MTHWeekInReview 075

Quick Version

0:07 – Introduction by Monetha’s co-founder – Andrej
0:19 – Binance Coin is added to Monetha payment gateway!
0:29 – Monetha mobile app update #20
0:45 – Monetha community meetup in Japan
1:29 – Meet Yuki-San, Monetha’s ambassador for Japan!
1:48 – Guide to Ethereum Test Network


Hello everyone, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 75 .

For those who don’t know me, my name is Andrej and I’m a co-founder of Monetha. I’m working closely here with the development team and as Justas is busy travelling, I’m going to replace him in this Week In Review today.

This week, we’re very excited to announce that Binance Coin is added to our Monetha’s payment gateway. From now on, merchants are able to accept payments with this coin.

We also have released the 20th Monetha app update and now you can use it as a wallet and pay everywhere where Ethereum is accepted, so download it and try it out by yourself.

As mentioned before, Justas is having business meetings and here’s our footage from Monetha’s community meetup in Japan.

(Monetha community meetup, Japan)

Justas: So, here we are guys, I did not have a lot of time because we’re so busy here in Monetha’s community and Kodama-San’s community has been really a blast, a lot of people are here, we’re discussing everything between marketing and business and most of all, Monetha.

(with Yuki-San)

Justas: I just wanted to introduce you to Yuki-San.

Yuki-San: Hi!

Justas: She’s helping Monetha’s community a lot by translating, doing a lot of translations for Monetha’s material, social media, so we want to thank you a lot for that!

Yuki-San: Thank you so much for providing the nice ones all the time. Thank you!

Justas: Thanks!

(Software development office, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Andrej: Also, we have prepared a well written guide on using Ethereum test networks, in case you’re interested in digging deeper in the Ethereum technology. The blog can be found in the description below.

These are all of the news for this Week In Review. See you soon and bye-bye!

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