December 3, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Binance integration/Monetha workshop/App update 21 | #MTHWeekInReview 076

Quick Version

0:07 – Binance Integration
0:53 – Monetha mobile app update #21
1:09 – Monetha workshop
1:32 – Monetha spoke at Moontec conference, footage soon


Hi Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 76 .

As our CTO Andrej announced last week, we have added BNB, Binance token to our ERC20 token compatibility within our payment gateway. This week, we want to announce one more thing when it comes to Binance and that is a direct integration with a conversion to Ethereum. So, what that means: If our merchant wants to get ETH tokens, he can have that, even though the buyer pays with ERC20 tokens, for example; Zilliqa token. So, this integration really helps for the merchant to accept Ethereum tokens, even though is being paid by ERC20. So, we’re super happy with this integration and that is a one more big step within our roadmap.

So, switching from web to mobile, I want to announce that now we have released a new update, which removes a lot of the bugs from our wallet. So, if you want to have the smoothest experience possible today, you have to update your application on iOS or Android devices.

Every few months, our technical team is gathered around in a little bit of a different environment for them to brainstorm and to plan out, what are the main challengers, when it comes to Monetha’s roadmap in the next few months. This has been a really fruitful experience and really important for Monetha’s technical team. So, congratulations to them and stay tuned for the next updates of Monetha’s roadmap.

Last week, Monetha spoke at the largest blockchain conference in Nordic countries, held in Tallinn, Estonia. We have met great professionals, exchanges, developers and business developers, when it comes to the blockchain industry. And also, we spoke for 30 minutes about the newest trends, about the current situation of the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industry. So, hopefully, in the next few weeks, we will be able to share some video footage from the Moontec conference.

This is it for this week, I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review and meanwhile, don’t panic what happens in the cryptocurrency market, believe in the blockchain industry. Bye-Bye!