January 7, 2019 #MTHWeekInReview

SALT token/Learn more about ICO Analyzer/Fiat currency blog | #MTHWeekInReview 081

Quick Version

0:07 – 10 years since the genesis block
0:44 – SALT token is added to Monetha’s payment gateway
0:59 – Learn more about Monetha’s ICO Analyzer
1:22 – “What is Fiat Currency?” blog
1:46 – Monetha’s QA Engineer testing products with students


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 81

We are back in 2019 as always in Monetha’s Week In Review and the first thing that we want to celebrate with you is not only the New Year but also the 10 year anniversary of the first block, the genesis block on the Bitcoin’s blockchain! So, a lot has come in those 10 years, we had a lot of developments in the blockchain industry, both from the technological side and the business side, we’re happy that we can contribute with Monetha to this development, so let’s start with what happened in Monetha’s universe over the last week.

As every week, we’re adding new tokens to our payment gateway and this time an ERC20 token called – SALT. This token provides financial solutions for digital assets, it’s a very interesting project, so we’re excited to have SALT onboard.

As you probably know, we have released a new trust product, which is called ICO Analyzer. The main benefit of it is to find out whether the ICO that You have participated in is trust-worthy. To find out more about it, how to use it and how it contributes to the whole picture of the Monetha’s development, you have to read our blog, the link of it is in the description below.

Talking about the education and the knowledge base that we are building for our followers, we also released a new blog in which we talk about what is a fiat currency. Of course, you may laugh and say that this is obvious, but read that blog, you’ll find very interesting things about the fiat currency and why we think that in some regards, cryptocurrency is better than fiat currency.

People have hobbies, some people play basketball, some people play chess, some people read books. Our QA Engineer Liudas, what he does is he trains up-and-coming programmers. In these gatherings he lets them test Monetha’s product and to gain experience that Liudas has developed over his long long career. So, congratulations to our QA Engineer, we’re super proud of him!

Happy New Year of 2019, hopefully this is going to be the best year for crypto and blockchain industries and Monetha is doing everything that it would be! So, I will see you next week in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye!

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