January 28, 2019 #MTHWeekInReview

New logo/New dashboard features/New mobile app update | #MTHWeekInReview 084

Quick Version

0:09 – New Monetha logo!
1:08 – New Mobile app update!
1:42 – New Dashboards feature!


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 84

As you may already noticed, I’m wearing a t-shirt with a new symbol and yes, Monetha has changed its logo as we believe not only esthetically it’s more beautiful, more modern, more sharp but also it is a better representation of what we’re building today as we’re moving forward with Trust and Reputation products. So yes, we have four components but they’re combined from one part which means we have different products but they’re all underlining towards Trust and Reputation Framework. So, with this new logo we believe that we’re stepping forward, that we have a new stage to our company, as mentioned moving from the Payments field and more into the Trust and Reputation field where we feel more traction and hopefully this is going to be something that our fans really enjoy, so let us know your feedback in our Telegram group.

We rock around the clock and yes, you guessed it right, we have a new app update with all the minor changes, including the logo change, including some visual changes. We are adding new functionality, which is uploading pictures also for buyers. Which essentially means that not only you can do on the public deals the selling but you can also look for items that you want to buy. So, this update is going to be the first step forward towards the full transitioning into a new and visually attractive Monetha’s application.

Remember Dashboards and Reports? We have added new functionality, including time changes in these report tools. This is going to be very useful for our merchants. So, check it out, both updates on web and mobile products. 

This is it for this week, this is symbolically a very important Week In Review for Monetha as we changed our logo and we’re transitioning into a better and improved Monetha’s company. Hopefully, I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye!

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