April 15, 2019 #MTHWeekInReview

Reputational Identity/Binance Integration/Try fiat payments | #MTHWeekInReview 095

Quick Version

0:08 – Monetha’s Reputational Identity
0:51 – Integration with Binance exchange
1:14 – Test fiat payments


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 95 .

Monetha is extremely proud to announce that we have launched a new product and that is Monetha’s Reputational Identity! That means that individuals right now can show their reputation all over the internet in a decentralized way with the power of blockchain. The greatest thing about Reputational Identity is that it can unlock unlimited possibilities, and it is only a question of your creativity. So, if you are a service provider, it can give you an edge in a marketplace, if you are using services, it can give you additional benefits. Actually, as mentioned, this is only a question of your imagination. So, to all the token holders to all the Monetha followers, congratulations on this launch.

It is no secret that we have an integration with Binance token, BNB token into our payment gateway. But you might now know that we have this update which allows you to pay via ERC20 tokens and for the merchant to get the equivalent in Ether. So, every week we’re adding something new to our payment gateway and let’s see what’s going to be next.

Just wanted to remind all of the merchants and your friends who might be merchants that we accept fiat payments into our payment gateway. It is fast, secure and reliable. So, if you are looking for a partner to process your fiat payments, look no further – we’re here!

This is it for this week, as mentioned, we’re super excited about our Reputational Identity, try it out and let us know what you think about it in our community channels and I will see you in the next seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. See ya!

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