May 6, 2019 #MTHWeekInReview

Report Builder/Decentralized Reputation/Dent Coin | #MTHWeekInReview 098

Quick Version

0:09 – Report Builder
0:43 – “How Decentralized Reputation works?” blog
1:17 – Dent Coin is added to Monetha’s payment gateway


What’s going on, Monetha comrades? Welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 98

When you’re selling online, are you curious about the extensive data on your deals? Well, now you can have custom reports through our Report Builder. Know more about the insights of your business and improve it together with the data that we have gathered for you. Click the link below to see the video which explains how to use the Report Builder, and if you want to go one step beyond that, definitely check out our e-commerce page in which you will see other features which will definitely be useful for your business.

We have released an article which explains what is decentralized reputation and how that works. This time, we have written it through the lens of Monetha’s technology. It is a little bit technical, so you will need just a basic knowledge of programming, but, other than that, if you’re interested on how decentralized reputation works, this is going to be something that’s very interesting to you. Especially, I’m talking to the blockchain enthusiasts. So, check out what is decentralized reputation and how that works in the context of Monetha’s technology.

We haven’t forgot our payment gateway in which we include new ERC20 tokens and this week, it’s quite a revolutionary product called, Dent Coin. So, with Dent Coin you can sell and buy mobile data. This is something that has a very large potential, and now, you can use this coin in Monetha’s payment gateway.

This is it for this episode, I hope that you’re having a great week and I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. See ya!